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Extremely thorough information for debt collection, bookable online with deferred processing of approx. 20 working days. EUROCHECK PATRIMONIAL provides for the tracing of the debtor, with an indication of the registered address of residence, domicile and any ascertained telephone numbers. For the purposes of a third-party garnishment, the debtor's employment and any pension benefits he may have are indicated. Where possible, an estimate of the R.A.L. and the existence or otherwise of any voluntary assignments in envelopes is indicated. In addition to the protests and prejudicial notices, the national cadastral view, the view of vehicles registered in the name of the debtor and real estate movements, any current account relationship opened and ascertained is indicated

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The service includes

 Personal data


  Domicile and telephone numbers ascertained (if collected)

  Work activity ascertained

  Gross monthly income (only for employees and pensioners)

  Disposal verification

  Bank tracing

  Protest registration

  Prejudicial claims

  Company positions


  National land register survey

  Vehicle assessment

  Prejudicial claims assessment with real estate movements

20 Days Working days required to dispatch the product.